Blister for Diamonds 80x42 VSMC


Safety seal for diamonds or precious stones VSMC customizable size 80x42 mm with central dome. The Blister for Diamonds is equipped with a UltraDistributable System. Size 80x42 mm, with 7mm high-end rectangular dome enclosure, maximum dimensions estimated on Diamond cut brilliant Ø 11,00 mm h 6,5 mm approximately 5,50 ct. Available in four models that differ from the measurements of windows for inserting stone data. Do you want to know how it works? Click here


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Blister diamond 80x42 VSMC0
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The VPNC0 model does not have front windows for stone data, leaving a large space on the graph layout to highlight the proprietary logo or graphic images. In this model, the stone data is all placed on the back, visible from a dedicated window if you use the closure bases or the entire back space if you use a closing card.

Blister diamond 80x42 VSMC1
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The VMNC1 model has a small front window for stone data, leaving a good space for the graphic layout to highlight the proprietary logo or graphic images. In this model, stone data is placed on the front, while on the back, you can put a customized background with a fixed layout or if you use a closing card, customize it with more data or graphic elements you choose.


Blister For Diamonds and Precious Stones VMNC

Background Color and Written Color  FullColor
Anti-burglary system Present
Dimensions 8,0 x 4,2  cm
Dimensions Stone accommodation 1.7 x 2.4  cm
Stone accommodation height 0.7  cm
Max Weighted Weigh* 5,50 ct
Stone accommodation height 0.5  cm
Max Weighted Weigh* 2,00 ct


* The weights and measures of the maximum stones are estimated on standard cuts


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