Gem Security System

Our company is definitely young constitution, but 30 years of rich experience of its members in the fields of gemology, jewelery, mechanics and electronics, this mix of experience has led to the emergence of a highly creative and flexible to the needs of company clients.

About Us

For years the opportunity to seal diamonds and precious stones has been the exclusive of large worldwide gemmological workshops and facilitiy companies, the gemmology jewelery industry felted the need for a product to seal precious stones accessible to all.

The Philosophy of Our Seals

First of all, we explain the philosophy of our seals. What we consider to be essential in our seals in addition to security is to give the customer a chance to customize and describe.

Security Systems

We must recognize that no one can be so presumptuous in saying that their product is not reproducible or copiable by others, what we can do and make it very difficult and costly to make such copies.

Management Variable Data

In the choice of the seal, which is essential component is the choice of the variables relating to the stone data management. There are various ways of writing data into a seal I describe those in use.

Customization of Cards

Card was important  component of our seal we analyze how it is used and personalized. We can leave from CARD FONDO those cards that we or you would customize, may be White, Pearl White, Silver, Gold or Colored.