Customization of Cards

Card was important  component of our seal we analyze how it is used and personalized. We can leave from CARD FONDO those cards that we or you would customize, may be White, Pearl White, Silver, Gold or Colored.



Customization of card

We need to distinguish three types of customizations:

Graphic personalization through screen printing or offset printing, card printing with your logo, layout and colors

PRAY that you have a high-quality print in four-color printing and the possibility of UV-like security treatments, these types of printing are made by specialized companies

DEFECTIn four-color printing the minimum printable are 1000 screened and offset prints (at a competitive price) are 3000 cards. (Photo on the left)

It should be remembered that once the card is printed, it provides for a further stage of customizing stone data via a card printer or label printer (pictured right).

  Card-Personalizzata-base       Card-Personalizzata-dati

Card-based customization involves the use of a retransfer printer or a thermal transfer printer, both of which can be printed in mono or in mono (black, white, gold, silver, etc.) On card bases available in various colors. For retransfer an excellent full card printing almost at the four-color level, for the thermal transfer a great print, but second of the machine can leave a thin white board, great monochrome cost. With both printers we can print only one card. A failure to retransfer the high cost of the printer and its consumables; For the thermal transfer card printer the only defect is in its purchase even if both the cost of the printer and its consumables are acceptable, you can make and customize the cards whenever you want. (Both cards are printed with a bottom card printer)

 stampa su card B-R  stampa su card R-B

Customizing through labels printers is a prerequisite for purchasing base cards, pre-printed cards, or custom cards from us with your layouts (right-hand photo), then you only need to print stone data on a paper label or PVC with a label printer and paste it into the card (photo on the left), once the seal is sealed, the label will be inaccessible. The very low cost of the printer for labels and consumables. Defective label is put only inside the seal, you can not customize the back of the card with a second label because it is easily detachable. Limited in label colors (white and transparent only) in black only writing colors.

 stampa su card B-R label  stampa su card R-B label

We have both card printers and label printers in our catalog, but our systems work with any card printer and any label that fits the measurements of our seal.

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