About Us

For years the opportunity to seal diamonds and precious stones has been the exclusive of large worldwide gemmological workshops and facilitiy companies, the gemmology jewelery industry felted the need for a product to seal precious stones accessible to all.
Making a high quality product for large companies that can consume significant quantities of seals would have been easier than thinking and achieving a quality product that could be accessible to everyone. GEMsecuritysystem's security seals system to close and present professionally diamonds and precious stones is the result of our efforts.GEMsecuritysystem is a line of products for sealing and certification of Diamonds, Precious Stones, Gold and Silver Lingots, Precious Items. Our production includes sealing, certification and all proprietary machines for their realization.

We produce three lines:

• GEMsecuritysystem Standard a set of GEMsecuritysystem or Neutral branded seals and products born to those who are not interested in personalization and prefer small quantities
• GEMsecutitysystem Personalized Seals and custom products tailored to customer needs
• Personalized Plexiglass GEMsecutitysystem Plexiglass seals and custom products on customer's requirements

NOTE: GEMsecuritysystem produces seals and products for precious stones NOT SELL PRECIOUS STONES OF SOME KIND

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